The paper, poster, demo, and late afternoon concerts will take place within the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. The evening concerts will take place at an off-site location (Lion d'Or) that is easily accessible by subway, bus, or taxi from McGill.

Paper Sessions

Paper Sessions (Tanna Schulich Hall)

Tanna Schulich Hall seats 187 people and has been used for the DAFx 2006 and ICAD 2007 conference paper sessions. The space is conveniently located on the ground level of the New Music Building.

Tanna Schulich Hall

Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions

The poster sessions will be located in a space directly outside the Tanna Schulich Hall (the paper presentation space). This open foyer space has previously been used for poster presentations at both the DAFx 2006 and ICAD 2007 conferences.

Afternoon Concerts

Late Afternoon Concerts (Pollack Hall)

The late afternoon concerts (17:00 - 19:00) will be held in Pollack Hall, a 600-seat auditorium that is the primary concert space of the Schulich School of Music.

A large number of computer music concerts have been staged in this hall. We will suspend 24 Meyer UPJ-1P loudspeakers in a fixed configuration that allows for flexible use of various surround formats (5.1, 7.1, quad, octaphonic, etc.) for the duration of the conference. Performances requiring live performers will be able to take advantage of faculty and students from Canada’s leading orchestral training program.

Pollack Hall

Evening Concerts

Evening Concerts (Lion d’Or)

The evening concerts (21:30 – 23:30) will be staged at a local nightclub called the Lion d'Or. This facility provides a stage with 4-channel sound and a cabaret seating arrangement for over 200 people. This location will provide an intimate performance atmosphere with a good sound projection quality.

Lion D'Or

Listening Room

Wirth Opera Studio (Listening Room)

The Wirth Opera Studio is located at the -2 level of the New Music Building (directly below the Tanna Schulich Hall). This room will feature an 8-channel system with Dynaudio BM-15A speakers. Approximately 8 works will be featured per day. During the first 6 hours of the day, the works will loop continuously. During the last 2 hours, listeners will be able to specify the works they wish to hear.



The Multimedia Room (MMR)

The MMR is a 60 x 80 x 50 foot space that is located at the -2 level of the New Music Building (directly below the Tanna Schulich Hall). This four-story, acoustically isolated black box is awaiting final acoustic treatment but could still function well for certain installations.