GENESIS Workshop

GENESIS3, musical creation by means of mass-interaction physical modeling

GENESIS3 is the new version of the GENESIS software environment for musical creation by means of mass-interaction physics network modeling. It was redesigned after more than 10 years of work on the previous version, and by considering its many past uses: more than 50000 models designed and many musical pieces created within the international user group.

The GENESIS workshop is intended for anyone interested in discovering, or better understanding, how mass-interaction modeling can be used as a tool for musical creation. Composers, musicians, teachers and scientists are welcome. A series of tutorials adapted on a per-person basis to the participants’ skills will be presented. Hence, no preliminary knowledge in physical modeling or computer science is required. Works based on GENESIS will be demonstrated, emphasizing in particular a compositional approach. Finally, attendees will be able to start a draft personal project with the software, with the help of the workshop’s staff.

GENESIS3 runs on Apple Intel Mac OS-X or Linux operating systems. Workshop participants will be able to use OS-X computers provided on-site or potentially their own laptops (though this will require some extra work installing the software). Participants must bring their own headphones.

Date & Time:

  • Sunday, 16 August 2009: 09:00 - 16:30


  • Prof. Claude Cadoz, researcher and composer, head of ACROE, head of the GENESIS team.
  • Nicolas Castagne, PhD, researcher and engineer, head of the GENESIS development team.
  • Olivier Tache, PhD, researcher and composer, in charge of the GENESIS pedagogical framework.

Workshop Schedule:

The morning will include tutorials on:

  • GENESIS user interface and concepts
  • A first sound model
  • Audio structures and control of the major parameters
  • Exciting an audio structure
  • Audio events generation and composition

The afternoon will focus more on musical creation and composition with physical modeling, including:

  • Presentation of more complex structures
  • Presentation of musical works with GENESIS
  • Mini-project with the help of the staff, and concluding discussion.

Further Information:

For more details on the workshop, please contact Claude Cadoz or Nicolas Castagne.