Call for Music

The Schulich School of Music of McGill University, in association with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT), will host the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) from 16 – 21 August 2009. We invite the submission of electroacoustic music, video and installation works that reflect the diversity of the field of computer-enhanced sonic art. Special emphasis is put on interactive and intermodal forms. Opportunities exist to combine digital resources with a variety of instrumental ensembles and soloists as detailed below, but specialized performance proposals are also welcome.

Submission Types

Composers should submit MP3-formatted audio files or MP4-formatted video files with all author information removed for blind review. Further details, including scores and technical requirements, will be uploaded to the online submission system as well. Submission types can include:

  • Fixed media (stereo and multi-channel)
  • Mixed works for live performer(s) and electronics
  • Works for digital musical instruments
  • Works involving video
  • Installations

Soloists will be available for all standard orchestra instruments and small ensemble formats. Video projection facilities will be present at all performance venues. Installations could potentially be set up in the MMR or in the Tanna Schulich Foyer (see the Venues page for further information).

These submissions will be subject to blind review by an international panel. The composer must pay the conference registration fee for a selected work to be programmed. Attendance by the composer is highly encouraged but not absolutely required. However, the performance may be cancelled if any of the following occur: 1. the music and necessary performance materials (score, software, ...) are not submitted by the "Final Music" deadline; 2. associated software does not function properly; or 3. the documentation is not complete enough to allow the piece to be properly rehearsed and performed.


Rehearsals for performances will be scheduled in advance and composers are encouraged to be present at the dress rehearsal a day or two before the performance.